The Clyde Slide



The Clyde Slide is named after a talented soap maker who has posted several YouTube videos on this technique.  It is basically an “In the Pot Swirl”,  but instead of pouring your colors in different areas of the base soap and then taking a spatula quickly around the pot to mix the colors,  the colors are alternated in the same spot in the pot (or several spots) and then poured without any further mixing.  Using this method often produces feathery looking swirls.  The objective of this months soap challenge club was to get a nice feathered swirl.

I am not sure why I found this rather difficult – I made four passes at it.  The first one may have a few feathers but boy you have to look hard to find them so that one was a reject immediately.


First attempt at The Clyde Slide

My last attempt was also rejected.  I thought the colors were just too dark for my taste and many of the slices reminded me of an ultra sound to determine the gender of a baby.


Fourth attempt

The second and third try are closer to what I was trying to achieve and a toss up as to which one to enter.

Version 2 - scented with Midnight Path

Second attempt – scented with Midnight Path


Third attempt – scented with Mango Madness

Since only one entry is allowed we will go with Mango Madness.

_DSC2372 _DSC2374 _DSC2367

Thank you Amy for another fun challenge.

7 thoughts on “The Clyde Slide

  1. Had a giggle with your last attempt – I had similar looking bars and had the same impression they looked like the photo from an ultrasound! I like both the Midnight Path and Mango Madness!

  2. I like them all – the colors are great!
    I am partial to bright colors and love your 4th attempt – what scent did you use to go with all those bold colors?
    The Mango Madness is so beautiful, I can see why you chose it.

  3. These are so fun, Bonnie!! Your entry soap looks translucent, and I love all the different colors & swirls! Thank you for sharing all the different batches you made – they are all beautiful in their own right. 🙂

  4. Hi ,
    I appreciate your desire to get the feathers .
    I just made ​​6 attempts . And I know it’s not easy.
    so I’m delighted with your soap. And your persistence.
    Good luck in the contest !!!

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