Tall and skinny shimmy – soap challenge

This is going to be a very short post because well I don’t have time for a long one.

My first attempt:


Colors mixed – this is the order I wanted to pour my soaps


I got confused and all the teals ended up on one side and the tans on the other

The contrast in the bottom two teals was not enough in my opinion.  Plus the middle pieces did not look as good.  Although I was pleased my first attempt yielded several pieces with a good “shimmy”.

For the second attempt I decided to use seven entirely different colors.  I recently purchased the “pearl” collection from TKB and loved it.  The colors just make me happy so the choice in fragrance was Happy.


Pearl colors (plus another green)


cups bent and ready to go


Half way through the pour


The end result

I am very happy with this one – all the pieces turned out with a nice shimmy and as I said these colors make me happy.  Only problem is now that it is done, it reminds me of Easter and I feel like I need to put it away until then – perhaps I’ll name it Bunny Trail.

This was really fun.  I so appreciate the tutorial on how to do this by Tatiana Serko – I have been admiring her soaps for some time and could not quite figure out how it was done.  As always, thank you Amy for all your work in putting these challenges together.

26 thoughts on “Tall and skinny shimmy – soap challenge

    • Diane – thank you. I did use a stick blender but just for 2 very short blasts. The batter was way thinner than any I have every worked with before.

  1. Bonnie:
    I like both soaps! The second one with all those beautiful colors really pops! Great shimmy in both – you really nailed it – not once, but twice! Good job!!
    I have a couple of the TKB pearl colors, but I can see that I need them all now.

  2. I like both soaps, Bonnie! You really got the shimmy in each ……. (Btw, when I first saw your soaps name, I read it as “bunny tail”! Which would also have worked!!)

    • LOL – Bunny Tail. I like it and now that you mentioned I could see each color as a cute bunny tail. Thank you Debbie

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