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Second Peacock Swirl – Another failure

Okay. so I don’t give up.  This time I decided to use different colors – pink, purple, yellow and green.  Again all the prep and actual soap making went great.  I’ll skip those pics this time.  I got the soaps poured and squirted all the color.  It looked beautiful when I used the rake.



Now time for the peacock swirl part.  I got out my chop stick and made my first pass at “S” curves.  It for some reason didn’t look right.  Was I supposed to do the “S” in the other direction.  I turned the mold and started in a different direction.  Mistake.  The swirl is now ruined.  The soap gremlins must not want me to learn this technique.  Here’s how it turned out.



A peacock swirl it is not, but If you didn’t know what I was trying to accomplish you would probably think it was a pretty swirl.  No way I was going to put this in the oven.  But since I soaped at a low temp I thought I best put it in the frig to insure that it didn’t do a partial gel.  I sprayed with alcohol and the gremlins struck again.  The soap got a film on top from the spray and as I was walking to the frig I slightly jarred the mold and one end got wrinkles.  Then the colors faded.



Well that is only 2 strikes and if this were baseball, I’d have one more chance.  Can I actually get a batch made and keep the soap gremlins at bay????  I will post the results in the next day or two.  Let’s hope the third time is a charm!

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