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Peacock Swirl Challenge – Third and Final Try

My first two tries didn’t make the cut. I was willing to give it one more try since I really like the way a peacock swirl looks and I want to add it to my soap line up.

This time I decided to go with red, white and blue since I was running out of time to make a 4th of July soap.  Since we were supposed to use four colors, I added a little yellow in the design.  I was afraid to tinker with the colors because I didn’t want another failure but I needed a darker blue and a red red.  So I added a little black oxide to ultra marine blue and for the red I remembered that someone had shared that they added red brick oxide and merlot sparkle to Brambleberry’s Electric Bubble Gum mica.  This was a gamble as I don’t have much experience at mixing colors.

I had just received some new supplies that included Raspberry Lemonade fragrance oil (it smells so good I just had to try it).  Besides what could be better on a summer’s day then raspberry lemonade?

Here is the freshly poured soap:


Another angle of the raw soap – you can see what I did with the left over mix – I love that little mold Brambleberry gave us at the Soap Guild conference in Raleigh.Image:

I described the problems I had with my other tries in the posts below. This time I just covered the soap and put it on one of my plant propagation heat mats to help with the gel.  When I uncovered it the next day I couldn’t believe it.  The colors were still bright an beautiful.  Have a look:


There are some cut pics:



It was a lot of fun and I am already looking forward to the next challenge.  Thanks Amy for putting this together for all your hard work to make it happen.

26 thoughts on “Peacock Swirl Challenge – Third and Final Try

  1. Wow! So pretty! Love the bright, bold colors! Definitely a great 4th of July soap!

  2. Wow! Love those bright, beautiful colors! Perfect for a 4th of July soap! I bet it smells amazing too! 🙂

    1. Thanks Amy. I really enjoyed the challenge and appreciate all the work you put into making this happen.

  3. beautiful……can’t say much more 🙂

  4. Love the colours, they really pop in your face. 🙂

  5. AWESOME. Love the colour combo. Well done

  6. AWESOME love the colours

  7. They turned out great! I can’t wait to try WSP raspberry lemonaide too :).

    1. Traci — I am still loving the raspberry lemonade. I didn’t put it in the colored part but think it might be one of those fast movers. I was ready to pour the base when I put the fragrance in. It didn’t seize, just accelerated trace noticeably and I am thinking I’ll be careful the next time I use it to see what it does before I use it in something that requires a lot of time.

  8. I absolutely love this. Your colours are absolutely fantastic. Well done and good on you for not giving up!

    1. Thanks Lindalu. I enjoyed the challenge and now I doubt that I’ll forget the swirl technique.

  9. Your soap is so pretty, love it 🙂

  10. good job and pretty soap

  11. Beautiful soap!!!

  12. Amazing, love it! Beautiful colours and swirl.

    1. Thank you. So glad you like it.

  13. Beautiful swirl! Love the colors!


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