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Third Challenge – The Holly Swirl

This month Amy Warden of Great Cakes Soapworks challenged us to the Holly Swirl (named after Holly of Missouri River Soaps who designed it).  Anyway, it is a swirl within a swirl and was a lot of fun to do.  AND this was the first of the challenges that I got right on my first try.  Yea.  That is a good thing because I got started late this month and didn’t have time for a remake.  Otherwise I probably would have tried again just to see if I could do better.

My design was inspired by a new fragrance I got while at the Lights and Lather meeting in Winchester. Kelley from Soapies Supplies did a demo using this and I loved the smell. It is called Arizona Sunrise. After looking at pictures of actual sunrises in Arizona I decided to use a white base on the bottom to show off the red, orange pink and yellow colors reflected by the sun. For the top part I selected a sky blue mixed in a darker blue with white for clouds.

I posted pictures on my Facebook page already because I was not sure I would have time to post here.  So the pictures included here are the same ones as on Facebook.






Colors selected


IMG_2163 IMG_2165

IMG_2176 IMG_2179

IMG_2185 IMG_2188 IMG_2189


I tried to put the captions in that I included in Facebook but either WordPress or my computer is being very stubborn and will not let me.

Thanks Amy for putting this together.  This is my favorite challenge so far mostly because it was a totally new swirl to me.  I enjoyed it and will be definitely be trying this one again.


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