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Mica Swirl Challenge

The challenge for May is to design a soap with a mica swirl.  The mica is to be dispersed in either glycerin or oil (or a combination of the two).  My inspiration was a post on the Etsy Blog that was a tutorial on making a marbled scarf using the same technique as marbling paper.  The complete post may be found at:  But here is the picture that captured my attention:


We have been very busy recently and I did not start my soap for the challenge until I saw the email from Amy saying the link up to post our pictures was open.  So I quickly assembled my supplies and got to work on the my soap.


_DSC0450My mica splotches did not disperser the same way the paint does on the size for the marbling.  But I decided to proceed with the technique any way.

_DSC0457This is after the first lines were drawn freehand.  I should have made them closer together.

_DSC0463For the second set of lines I used my rake that I made for the peacock swirl challenge

_DSC0465The dividers are in the mold and off to sleep we go.

_DSC0467Close up view of wet soap.  Not quite what I wanted but not too bad either.

_DSC0476The sides of the mold have been removed but the soap is too soft to go any further.

_DSC0486     _DSC0454

I have a show on both Saturday and Sunday this week and need to package more soap and make some scrubs today.  So I will not have time to post a picture of the soap out of the mold before the link up closes.  I will post one on our Facebook page ( when I free the soap from the mold.  Thank you for understanding.

Once again Amy has provided a fun challenge – thank you Amy for all your work in coordinating the Soap Challenge Club.


6 thoughts on “Mica Swirl Challenge

  1. Way to go! I’m impressed that you got this whipped up so quickly. 🙂 Love the inspiration and the outcome as well – both are beautiful!

  2. Very beautiful soap! I love your inspiration, too. Great work! And I hope the unmolding goes smoothly! 🙂

  3. wow, your soap looks like art, I love your colors and swirl, beautiful!

  4. Beautiful color choices. I can’t wait to see it unmolded…

  5. Gorgeous swirls and perfect choice of colors, love it!

  6. A lovely interpretation of the theme. I love the colours you use. x

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