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Soap Challenge Club – Hanger Swirl

The hanger swirl can be done many ways.  You use a hanger or other similar device to swirl your soap after it has been poured.  Sometimes you simply move the hanger straight up and down; other times you might go up and down and then across; or you might make figure 8’s , etc.

This month I actually took three attempts at this swirl.  As I type I am still trying to decide which one I want to enter.  The one I thought I would like the best didn’t turn out as well I wanted.  The soap got thick fast even though I had used a fragrance (Black Raspberry Vanilla) and recipe that I thought I could trust.  This is a swirl where less is more but my two contrasting lines got too thick because of the acceleration of the batter.  The result is not as whisky as I wanted but I still like the soap.   Here is the finished photo:


The very first attempt also moved very fast and I did not have time to take photos of the progress.  This one is Aloe Vera and Cucumber – one of my favorite fragrances.  Here we swirled with a combination of an up and down movement followed by some circular movements.  I really do like the outcome when you combine both for your hanger swirl.

_DSC0468 _DSC0472


My final attempt used Pink Berry Mimosa fragrance that I have had for sometime and decided I use it since it is a great fragrance for my summer line.  This soap behaved much better and I was able to get a few photos along the way.  I used a tall skinny mold for this on since is a beverage fragrance.

Colors ready
Colors ready
This is my "hanger" swirl tool.  You can bend it to fit the size of your mold and it is a little thicker than a regular hanger
This is my “hanger” swirl tool. You can bend it to fit the size of your mold and it is a little thicker than a regular hanger
Batter poured and starting to swirl
Batter poured and starting to swirl
Top swirled too
Top swirled too
Freshly cut soap
Freshly cut soap

_DSC0464 _DSC0453

Decision time.  I am going to submit Pink Berry Mimosa for the challenge.

Thank you Amy for all your work coordinating these challenges.  It is always fun.


15 thoughts on “Soap Challenge Club – Hanger Swirl

  1. I think you made the right choice on which to enter – the pink berry mimosa soap is stunning. (Although I like all 3!)

    1. Thank you.

  2. Absolutely beautiful….WOW! I just love the colors you picked….so delicate!

    1. Thank you so much.

  3. Gorgeous work~

  4. LOVE the mimosa soap – the colors, the swirls, the shape of the bar, the top swirl – all of it!

    1. Amy you are so sweet. Thank you for the compliments. Also thank you for doing this. I am always so amazed at how talented the contestants are. I keep hoping that I will get it together and some day actually be in the competition.

  5. They are all looking great, but the third one has really great colours on top of the swirl! Very feminine.

    1. Thank you. I love the colors in yours and the understated beauty of it.

  6. I also love the mimosa soap. I had problems too with my first batch thickening too fast. But your first initial attempts still look great!

    1. Thank you. Your soap is so colorful, vibrant and alive. I never seem to pull those off = for me it is usually softer colors but I love the POP.

  7. Oh my goodness, what a stunning selection of soaps!!! They are all gorgeous!!! Awesome job!

    1. Thank you. Sorry I didn’t respond earlier but some how I missed your comment. And congratulations on your beautiful soap taking the No. 1 spot.

  8. All three are lovely and beautiful in their own way.
    I like your hanger swirl tool. Can you tell me what it is?

    1. Thank you. The hanger tool is called a rubber twist tie and I bought it from Amazon. The link is:
      in case you are interested. I like it because I have lots of molds that are different sizes and I can just bend it to fit. The short coming is that the two end pieces are not as nice as they could be.

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