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Interesting information re olive oil in soap

I love making Castile soap.  Mainly because it is believed to be the root of all soap making and it is the mildest of all soaps.  To be considered real Castile the soap must contain only olive oil, water and lye – and that is how I make it.  I use extra virgin certified organic olive oil.  The people who purchase Castile soap want it because it is so mild and free from any additives – no colorants or fragrances.  Because Castile contains no hard oils, it must be allowed to cure a longer period of time.  My regular soap is ready in about 4 weeks.  Castile on the other hand is cured for a minimum of three months but more often I hold it back six months.

I have recently been toying with the idea of offering a Castile soap made from just regular olive oil.  So when Anne-Marie of Brambleberry (aka The Soap Queen) recently posted the results of a study she did using various olive oils purchased from local stores I was more than interested.   She wanted to see if locally sourced, small quantity olive oil was reliable in soap making.  The verdict was – not really.  It is usable but the results varied greatly.

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