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November Soap Challenge Club – Combing Technique

For this month’s Soap Challenge Club the only criteria was to use a comb in the design of our swirls. The most well known in this category is probably the peacock swirl which is a beautiful design. In fact, the peacock swirl was the first challenge I entered so I decided to do something a little different – the french curl.

I rounded up the comb that I made for that first challenge and since I was using a new fragrance from Mad Oils called Smoke and Mirrors I wanted my colors to be on the dark side and my base to be natural.

Here are the five squeeze bottles (note the well-worn handmade comb in the background).


We are about half way through squirting the colors:

This shows how the soap looked immediately after running the comb through the lines of color (the orange is really yellow and will return to yellow after saponification):

For the french twist swirl you simply make a series of curlicues starting at the top and working your way across then down to the next line and then across again and so on until you are finished.

The soap is then sprayed with alcohol to prevent soda ash and wrapped up for the night. The next day I was happy that there were no signs of ash and the orange was indeed yellow again. And I am very pleased with the way this design turned out.





This was another fun challenge. Thanks Amy.