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Spoon/Chopstick Swirl Challenge

This is going to be a quick post this month.  I am down to the wire on getting this posted on time.  This months challenge involves using a spoon or chopstick to make your swirl after you get your base and colors in the mold.  It is a relatively easy process and you almost always get good results.

The first step for me was choosing my fragrance – I went with Sweet Orange Chilli Pepper.  Pretty easy to select the colors on this one:

IMG_3026  Red, yellow, orange and green.  No surprises there.

I poured my mold about half full with white base then used a drop pour for the colors and a chopstick to swirl.   I was really excited to be using my new mold I ordered from Japan for the very first time.



After 24 hours the soap was still to soft to try to get out.  And oh by the way I had no idea how to get the soap out as I didn’t line the mold except for the very bottom to keep it from leaking (you are not supposed to have to).  My other clear molds are easy to disassemble and remove the soap but this one only the bottom is removable.  Another 24 hours and the soap was still somewhat soft to the touch.   So I decided the only way I could get the soap out in time was to put it in the freezer.  It appeared I would be able to get the soap out now but just trying to use my fingers was not working.  I found two pieces of scrap wood about the same size in my garage and used several rubber bands to hold them together.  It took some effort but the soap came out perfectly.



_DSC0975   _DSC0984    _DSC0988  _DSC0972


Thank you Amy for hosting this fun challenge.