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Butterfly Swirl Soap Challenge

This month’s challenge was by far the most challenging in my opinion.  The butterfly swirl technique requires that you pour two or more contrasting colors in your base soap and then use a hanger tool to try to create something that looks like a butterfly when the soap is cut.  Keep in mind that you cannot see what is happening in the soap batter as you move the hanger about.  There is a very talented soaper, Zahida of Handmade in Florida, who has perfected this technique – she creates such jaw dropping beautiful soap.  Her videos make it look easy but believe me it is not.

Okay my first try didn’t turn out as well as planned.  The contrasting colors are poured a little at a time and alternated with the base color until you use most of the colored soap.  I used a fragrance called champagne pear and my idea on the colors was that the base would be champagne color (used a mica called honey) but it turned out much darker than anticipated.  I know I should test my colors before using.  The contrast idea was yellow, green and red for various colors of pears.  I mixed a couple of colors to get the red and it is what I wanted.  The yellow and the green would probably have been okay except the red over powered them after the first pour (not to mention the first pour was a little thick).  Anyway here it is:



For the second attempt I decided to use Crisp Apple Rose fragrance and keep the base white.  For colors, a red juicy apple and pink roses came to mind with some green for the leaves.  It seemed that using a little less color might produce better results but it is so difficult to hold back and this still has just a bit more than planned.  The soap performed well and gave me lots of time to work.  Did I mention this fragrance smells wonderful?  I can see a butterfly – can you?


butterfly swirl final


I am definitely not through with this technique – it will be on my list to try again soon.  Even when you don’t get a perfect butterfly the swirls are still so pretty.  Thank you Amy.  This was really fun.