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February 2015 soap challenge – DNA/Helix swirl

This month’s challenge was the DNA/Helix swirl.  To accomplish this you lay down alternating lines of several different colors.  You then use a chop stick, skewer or instrument of your choice to make a back and forth motion that produces a Chevron pattern.  This is what my soap looked like at this point:

_DSC0892  I must admit that I was tempted to leave it like this.

The next step is to make “s” curves (like you would in the peacock swirl) also using your chop stick.  The result is supposed to look like the DNA Helix.  My curves may be a little too big but it is still a very pretty design (IMHO).  To compliment the green and blue, I scented this with Nature’s Garden Aqua Di Gio type.  Now I am wishing I had used a large slab mold – I sued my little nine bar mold.


It was fun trying this one especially since I was not familiar with this design technique.  I will definitely be doing this again.  Thanks Amy.


6 thoughts on “February 2015 soap challenge – DNA/Helix swirl

  1. Isn’t it great fun?? I know that chevron looks pretty sharp as well. This technique actually reminds me of the serpentine swirl. Remember that one? The only difference is the large S’s on the serpentine all go the same direction and this one they go back to back. Very lovely soap!!

  2. I like your top both before and after as well. The greens and blues look great.

  3. LOVE the blues and greens! Your soap looks great!

  4. I love how beautifully the greens & blues compliment each other , pretty soap.

  5. Love the colors and I think the swirls look great!

  6. Thank you everyone for the kind comments. I am still working my way through the entries. It is going to be very difficult to decide which ones to vote for.

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