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Dancing Funnel Soap Challenge

It has been a while since I participated in a soap challenge but when I saw the challenge I knew I just had to give it a try.  I had been admiring some beautiful soaps using this technique but I couldn’t quite figure out how it was done.  One of those soaps was created by Tatsiana Serko that I saw on her blog.  And surprise, Amy and Tatiana both offered tutorials of the technique.

The swirl requires a very fluid soap and squeeze bottles.  It took me three tries  – the first was a total failure because I didn’t mix my soap batter long enough.  The second try my beautiful pink morphed to white – the soap looks okay but is not what I intended.  For my third try I decided to go with simple blue and white to compliment the Fresh Rain fragrance used.

No photos of the first try but here is my second soap:


And here is the blue and white soap.  I think I will call it Dancing in the Rain.

_DSC3955         _DSC3951

This technique is much more difficult than it looks  And did I mention time consuming.  While I will not be adding this swirl to my regular line up I will be making it again.   I am not going to give up on getting the crisp lines with highly contrasting colors.

Thank you Amy and Tatsiana for sharing your tutorials with us.