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Dancing Funnel Soap Challenge

It has been a while since I participated in a soap challenge but when I saw the challenge I knew I just had to give it a try.  I had been admiring some beautiful soaps using this technique but I couldn’t quite figure out how it was done.  One of those soaps was created by Tatsiana Serko that I saw on her blog.  And surprise, Amy and Tatiana both offered tutorials of the technique.

The swirl requires a very fluid soap and squeeze bottles.  It took me three tries  – the first was a total failure because I didn’t mix my soap batter long enough.  The second try my beautiful pink morphed to white – the soap looks okay but is not what I intended.  For my third try I decided to go with simple blue and white to compliment the Fresh Rain fragrance used.

No photos of the first try but here is my second soap:


And here is the blue and white soap.  I think I will call it Dancing in the Rain.

_DSC3955         _DSC3951

This technique is much more difficult than it looks  And did I mention time consuming.  While I will not be adding this swirl to my regular line up I will be making it again.   I am not going to give up on getting the crisp lines with highly contrasting colors.

Thank you Amy and Tatsiana for sharing your tutorials with us.

11 thoughts on “Dancing Funnel Soap Challenge

  1. Very pretty and calming looking!
    Glad you gave it one more try.

    1. Thank you Sly

  2. I like your color choices. Your entry turned out beautiful!

    1. Thank you Judet

  3. So elegant! Just an absolutely beautiful soap. 🙂

    1. Thank you Holly

  4. Your soaps look fantasic, Bonnie!! That is such a lovely blue! You’re right – it’s definitely a time consuming technique, but the result is just too gorgeous to pass up! Any idea what happened to the pink? Have you ever had it happen before?

    1. Thank you Amy. I was so positive that I had used that pink in Cold process before but after I saw the color had morphed I checked the Brambleberry page and sure enough there was the notice that it was not for use in cold process. I usually don’t buy colors that are not suitable to CP. Another lesson learned.

  5. So pretty! Though there’s more of the blue, it has this cottony, plush look to it. I feel like I could just grab and squeeze its softness.

  6. What a delicate and beautiful soap! Great job, Bonnie!

  7. Agree this is a time consuming soap but I love your name and the way your soap turned out.

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