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Ombre Soap Challenge

It has been a while since I participated in the Soap Challenge Club.  This month’s challenge is an ombre gradient design.  This is one of my favorite soap designs so I was surprised that it took three tries to get one that I felt I could enter.

For my first design I used a divider in my soap mold with the intent of having one side start with the darkest color and the other side start with the lightest.  The first problem was my soap was to fluid and the layers were not distinct.  The second problem was the color I started with on the dark side was just too dark and never got really light – in the end I add some titanium dioxide but the resulting color just doesn’t look like it belongs.  And then when I removed the divider the white soap on the bottom of the light side migrated to the upper layers.

On the bright side I did get some cool swirl soaps in my wave mold

For the second try I decided on the tall and skinny shimmy design with teal on one side going from light to dark,  The other side was supposed to be pink going from dark to light.  I used Brambleberry’s Rose Quartz mica which is a lovely pink color.  EXCEPT I missed the notation on the front of the jar that reads “Not recommended for CP soap” so my pink side is just one shade of white (seems I always learn something for these challenges, i.e. never use a color in a challenge that your haven’t tested).  Again my soap was too fluid.

Then for the third and final try I went with just a standard ombre design in teal going from light to dark.  My intent was to pour relatively thin layers so the color change would be gradual.  I am pretty happy with the results.


Thanks Amy for yet another fun challenge.