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December 2017 Soap Challenge

I am so sad to say that this will be my last post regarding the Great Cakes Soap Challenge.  But I am very happy for Amy who has hosted these wonder challenges as she is moves forward with an exciting opportunity with her company.  I have enjoyed these challenges and appreciate all the hard work Amy has devoted to the Club.  Thank you Amy!

This month’s challenge is straight line designs.  The idea is to create a soap with straight lines for the majority of the soap using as many colors as you would like.  The soap must be cold process and use a log mold.  I have been meaning to to make another soap for my son using his favorite “Black Tie” fragrance, and since my plan for the challenge was to keep the design relatively simple with just two colors, a black and white soap seemed perfect.  I didn’t want to do just horizontal lines so the plan was to turn the mold so the first pours would form a triangle and then turn the mold and pour horizontal lines.

The following are some photos of the process:

Ready to go
First layer of the triangle section poured. Let it set up about 20 minutes before making the next layer
Next the white layer
Then the final layer of the triangle
Alternating the colors for the horizontal pour – white black white. Although the last layer of the triangle was firm, some charcoal migrated into the new white soap. I thought about trying to remove it but decided it probably would not be noticeable since the next layer was going to be black anyway.
The next pours went as planned (the pics are pretty boring so I left them out). This is the swirled top.
My studio does not have an oven so to encourage the soap to gel I put it in a plastic container with a heating pad

The soap did go through gel phase but was still too soft to cut the next day.  I was so anxious to see it – that is part of the fun of trying different designs – you never know what you are going to get.  I finally got it cut but with not much time to spare.  Posting this just hours before the deadline.  Here are some photos of the cut soap.

I think my son will like it and I am pretty pleased with the result.

Amy thank you again for your dedication and efforts that made the Great Cakes Soap Challenge Club such a success.  Each of the designs were unique challenges and learning experiences.  And Amy I especially loved how supportive and encouraging you were to everyone who entered.  I know for a fact that I am a better soap maker as a result of participating.