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The Soap Challenge Club is Active Again!

It has been a long time since I last posted.  With all my good intentions to use this site to keep you informed it seems I only actually used it for posting my Soap Challenge Club entries.  The club challenges unfortunately cessed at the end of last year BUT they are beginning again this month.  I can’t tell you how happy I am – the challenges pushed me to learn new techniques and to be more creative.

This month’s challenge is a mini drop swirl with two options for the technique.  The first option which I choose is supposed to be easier than the second.  I would say neither option is easy.  A rather large wholesale order had been keeping me busy and then Hurricane Florence decided to hit North Carolina.  The hurricane knocked out the power at my workshop and we were only able to get back to work this past Thursday – that was one whole week out.  My first attempt on Thursday was a miserable failure because the fragrance that was not supposed to accelerate trace did in fact do that.  Then on Friday we tried again.  This time our soap batter remained fairly fluid and we completed our design.

Thinking the entry deadline was Sunday, I removed the soap from the mold on Saturday.  It was very soft and mares easily but I am very happy with the results.  The soap is scented with Lemon Lavender which smells devine.  Because of time constraints I did not document the steps to make this soap.  Basically it involved making the soap base white and filling three squirt bottles for the colored part – dark purple, purple and lemon yellow.  After pouring the base, the first color is squirted in rows trying to force the color down into the base.  You proceed alternating colors until your bottles are empty.

Very soft freshly cut soap


Thank you Amy for bringing the Soap Challenge Club back and for this fun challenge.  I am looking forward to next month.

14 thoughts on “The Soap Challenge Club is Active Again!

  1. Your soap looks so lovely!! Despite all the setbacks from Florence and the Great Website Crash of 2018, I’m so glad you managed to get it made and posted! I love your color palette and the way the drops are so beautifully formed! Excellent work! It’s so fun to be back at it, isn’t it?

    1. Thanks Amy. I am so glad you decided to restart the challenges.

  2. This is gorgeous, Bonnie! I am in absolute love with your color choices. Your drop swirls are perfection, too!

    I also have to say, it was a pleasure meeting you at the conference in Atlanta this year!

  3. Lovely!

  4. Thanks Debi. It was great to meet up with you too. It really is fun to see the people you have been talking to and following o line for years.

  5. Beautiful choice of color on your soap!

  6. Very pretty!! Love the colour combination!!

  7. Just beautiful!! Love the colours you have chosen.

  8. Super pretty and delicate, gorgeous colours and fragrance choice!

  9. This came out so pretty & I bet it smells great!! Love the color choices you used for the scent.

  10. Your soaps are so beautiful! The mini drop swirls are just perfect, and I absolutely love your colors!

  11. This certainly was a difficult technique – your’s came out lovely. The colors really work well together and your drop swirls are so playful. They provide a lot of movement to the design. Just beautiful!

    1. Thanks Gwenn. You are right it was a challenge – my first attempt was a huge disappointment.

  12. Lemon Lavender…yum! This is a truly beautiful soap!

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