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Soap Challenge Club November 2018

This months challenge is Thin Line Design.   We had two options for achieving the design: basic and advanced.  I chose the basic design which involves pouring the soap down the side of the mold in as thin a line as possible.  I decided to use squeeze bottles to assist with the pour as I thought it would give more control.  The first few passes were made thicker than planned thinking it would help keep the thinner lines flowing.  If I do this design again I will make all lines thin but that “if” is questionable.  While I love the way this soap turned out, it was one of the most tedious techniques I have done.

Knowing this technique would require more time than usual it was important to choose a fragrance that would allow the soap batter to stay thin the entire time.  So old faithful Energy was the choice but to change it up a bit I added Champagne fragrance to it.  The combination turned out very nice and achieved the goal.

Squeeze bottles ready for soap batter.
First few passes were poured thicker than necessary. Luckily the soap was poured thick enough that the bottom layer could be planed off.
All done. And I must say my hand was definitely ready to stop squeezing.
This soap was cut into three blocks and then horizontally so the lines would show.

After waiting three days before removing the soap from the mold, it was still too soft to trim and clean up.  Fortunately I had not waited until the last minute to make the soap as usual.

I am pleased with how this soap turned out (also how this soap looks on ends).


Thank you Amy for another challenging challenge!