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Squeeze Bottle Design Challenge

I missed posting the last two design challenges.  The gradient challenge just plain did not work for me my colors came out muddy every time.  And the last one – the Dandelion Swirl – is one of my favorites.  I made two nice soaps but missed the deadline for posting because my schedule was so hectic that week.

So now we have the squeeze bottle design challenge.  Basically this is drawing (rather tracing) a design in your soap mold and then pouring the remaining soap over it.  When you unfold the bottom with the design is to become the top.  This one proved quite a challenge.  The first two designs I tried were way to small to work with the squeeze bottle.  I finally found one that I thought would work but after my first two attempts failed, I decided I didn’t want another soap that I couldn’t use.  So, I cheated, or at least that is how it felt, and also swirled the top.  That way if the bottom was not what I wanted I could just plain it off and still have a nice soap.  Here is what I came up with:

IMG_2408This is the pattern I chose

IMG_2416Soap removed from the mold

IMG_2430Cut pieces

The weight of the soap batter smushed the design and it is not exactly what I was looking for.

Here is the second thought design that I put on top of the soap.

IMG_2407This is more the look I expect in my soap.

Thank you Amy for sponsoring another challenge.  Regardless of the outcome I always enjoy it and learn from each experience.